Banashree is now an influencer mom blogger on Instagram. Her handle on Instagram is @bowtie_and_lipsticks ( https://www.instagram.com/bowtie_and_lipsticks/ ). She has collaborated with many high end and reputed brands like Nickelodeon, Bisleri, Vicco Turmeric, Hopscotch, Ariel, Stawfit, Pampers, Mimmo Organics, Mama earth, Mother Sparsh, Nuluv, Bumblebee, Little West, Popular Essentials, The Mumum Co, Zandu and many more.

She started with her venture Cuddles and Chuckles in October 2018. This idea struck her when her son was about to turn a year, and she wanted his milestone board to be unique and different. She was also interviewed for creating the best product and has already made good client base both locally and internationally. She is also into LinkedIn optimization and CV designing.

Her online presence communicates, what she is truly and genuinely passionate about. A person who believes in turning ideas into reality. She has over 8 years of versatile experience in CRM System, InterAction Lexis Nexis version 5.6 Service Pack 4, Business Development. Holds a B.Sc degree in Information Technology from Mumbai, India and also has a Diploma in Computer Technology from BGIT.

She was previously responsible for advertising, pricing, product marketing; new business development; marketing communications, and public relations. Also conducts post-buy media analysis and tracks and reports on results. Banashree also has a keen interest in writing blogs related to fashion;, travel, lifestyle and career, and that can be seen in her own blog as well “Glory Of The Stars” She was previously responsible for development, management and execution of Social Media tools that shall be implemented such as daily observation of the communication taking place within the Social Media Platforms. She was responsible for LinkedIn Optimisation, overall Social Media Marketing Plan and Strategy.


  1. Hi Banashree. I’m glad you found my blogs and even more delighted you are following me. I’d love to know what attracted you. I look forward to seeing you again and again. In the meantime I will check your blog out. Keep well. James

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  2. A very nice Curriculum-Vitae you have Banashree…
    I’m not so technical formed as you are, but I like taking and looking pictures as you do, I like comunicate positif things and things / experiences / of Life,
    I look for respect, spiritual- and moral values in Life and I don’t forget to have fun in my life too … !
    I write my inspirations in poรจms, stories, some drawings, and pictures with a simple camera…
    Happy mother of 3 adult ‘kids’ and happy grandmother of 3 grandchildren … a little bit far away ( The Netherlands, the Philippines and in France-Paris me in the south of France … but that makes me very happy wenn they come over or it makes me travel wen I go there … )
    I dont feel lonesome at all, many real friends and also good contacts on the webb…
    Happy to live ! ! !
    I don’t know why you are interesting in my WordPress and how you find me..;
    I’m curious, so if you have a minut to explain me … thanks !
    Greatings, hanny

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    1. I loved your poem though i had to translate and read them. They are really very nice. The clicks that you have put up in your blogs are inspiring me to visit those places Hanny. Good yaa as your children are settled in Netherlands, Philippines and France-Paris, you might have explored the places. I am recently married so now its time to go about in these beautiful destinations. Good Luck. Have a great day. Banashree

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      1. Yess, this blog was meaned for the 2 languages French and Dutch, but I’ll think to do more in Englisch too, promised ! My daughter-in-law understand only Englisch too, but she is more on Facebook ( hanny hasquare facebook ) Thanks for answering me Banashree ! โค Good luck and happyness for you and your husband ! Stay in good health , the most important thing in this 'earthly' Life …

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  3. Thank you for following me Banashree. I’m always astonished when people decide to follow my blog, and wonder what attracted them. I’m off to check yours out now. Again — thank you.

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  4. Hello Banashree, many thanks for the “follow”. I’m hoping to delve into your world too. It’s wonderful how blogging makes the world a smaller place eh? Looking forward to future posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Hello Banashree. Thank you for following my blog. Yours looks like an exciting site, and I’ll look forward to having a browse around later on. You seem to have a very full career – a lot of it in social media. Perhaps I’ll pick up a tip or two.

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  6. Our daughter refers to use of technology as “life skills”. But what I have learned in the past 7 months is a spit in the ocean to your CV. I would be interested in learning more re:social media etiquette. Can you steer me in the right direction? Beautiful blog!

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