Breastfeeding Journey – Part 1

Being a mother is the most precious things and there after the beautiful journey of motherhood starts with that comes the breastfeeding journey which is very much normal, but not that easy as we think. My journey of breastfeeding was very difficult with excruciating pain every time Veer cried for milk I was super scared as he would latch and I will be in so much unbearable pain. The first night after Veer was born his latch was so strong that my nipple started bleeding and I couldn’t think of feeding him from left. Right was perfectly fine. I remember the nurse came to help me latch him but I said not left I said it is bleeding and she told me a new born can’t make your nipple bleed however she arranged a breast pump for me and when I started pumping she realised actually my nipple was sore and bleeding. So I avoid to feed him from left and then what happened was a nightmare for me.
After a week I started getting chills and fever and extremely painful left breast. I had engorgement that’s too a bad one I was so much in pain it felt like I will die of the pain luckily my brother in law is a surgeon so at 11 in the night to release my pain he injected and removed abscess and hematoma and that night I had a peaceful sleep. But again after 2 days the same problem. There was abscess that was getting collected in left breast pocket so again the same procedure of injecting a thick needle of 20 gauge and removing the abscess and mind it this was all done without local anesthesia as anesthesia doesn’t work on the infected area. This thing continued for a month and I was not enjoying my motherhood journey at all always in pain and irritated with sleepless nights. Then one day it happened I was told to do a biopsy and my world just turned upside down I cried a lot thinking all negative things. So that’s when doctors decided to….

To be continued in part 2 of breastfeeding journey…

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