Devine Love – Radha Krishna

Radha’s connection to Krishna is of two types: svakiya-rasa (married relationship) and parakiya-rasa (a relationship signified with eternal mental “love”). The Gaudiya tradition focuses upon parakiya-rasa as the highest form of love, wherein Radha and Krishna share thoughts even through separation. Krishna is a manifestation of his external energies whereas his internal strength is Radha – an incarnation of Shakti on earth.

Some facts of Radha Krishna Relationship

  1. Radha and Krishna are one.
    2.Their reunion on earth is magical.
  2. Krishna’s flutes soulf melodies drew Radha to him.
  3. Radha and Krishna were never married, they did marry playfully as children.
  4. A devine union and a profound love.
  5. Krishna played flute only for Radha he was not close to his eight wives.
  6. Radha was forced to marry another man after Krishna left for Vrindavan, and they had one child as well.
  7. Krishna and Radha are eternal lovers who were together long before they descended on earth.

Despite of so many ups and downs Radha Krishna’s relationship is mere mortal to us but also it continues to inspire millions of us.

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