Janmashtami Special – Lord Krishna

This bundle of joy my little kanha is filling our life with happiness since 2017.
Lord Krishna has master of all skills and art and if you follow his path your life would be changing for a better tomorrow. He was sent on earth to take the evils away and spread love.

Here are 5 life changing lessons you can learn from Lord Krishna :-

Lesson 1
Never give up on what you love then it will definitely come to you or it can give you a peace of mind. Like Krishna never gave upon his love for flute so never give up on your hobby.

Lesson 2
Be a help to a person in need. It is very important to stay grounded and be generous to the people around and help them if they are in trouble. Like Krishna saved the people of Vrindavan from being poisoned.

Lesson 3
Taking one step at a time to be successful as we human tend to bogged down when we have to much pressure and challenging circumstances. Krishna was conscious of the future, but chose to live in the moment without worrying.

Lesson 4
Help people change spiritually. Everyone makes mistakes some are big some are small but we should always give them a chance you never know when they will surprise you by their behaviour. Just like Krishna forgave Indra inspite of Indra soughting and destroying people for worshipping Krishna.

Lesson 5
Stay humble no matter what. If you respect others they will bound to be respectful to you. Krishna being the god of creation always was very humble to his elders and always pleased them. That is why he could get his work done wherever he went.

Always be happy and smile happiness comes from within and our circumstances don’t define us.

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