Tips On How To Take Care Of Kids During Season Change

Keeping your babies safe during the season change is very important as that’s when they tend to get virals. Season change is my biggest nightmare always however this time I am over cautious because of this Pandemic situation. This time my safeguard is more as prevention is always better than cure.

These are some tips :-
1. Keep your child hydrated as it helps in regulating the body temperature. So water or soup is best suggested and not juices. And yes for infants below 6 months mothers milk is enough so don’t give water to them.

2. Intake of Vitamin C and fibre is very important as it helps build immune system as it acts as a booster in our bodies. And fibre helps in proper functioning of galt. Some vitamin C enriched fruits are lemon, orange, pineapple, papaya, kiwi.
You can also squeeze lemon in their meal when they are having dal rice. High fibre food is lentils, oats, broccoli, peas.

3. Include dry fruits in their diet as it not only gives energy but also gives warmth in the body as the moat common thing during seasonal change is cough. For toddler you can paste the dry fruit and include in their diet. Almonds, dates, walnuts are really good and can prevent them from cold and changing weather.

4. Include spices in their diet like giving Turmeric milk, ginger and honey, tulsi water. And many times toddler refuse to have these so better option is to include cinnamon, black pepper and cardimom in the meal preperation.

5. Don’t miss upon showers as cleanliness and hygiene is very important. Don’t give them long showers and make sure to wipes of their hair well.

Any other tips you follow for your kids during seasonal change mention in the comment below.

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