Me Time Is Important

Parenting is a magical journey however it comes with its own set of challenges. I always wanted to be a perfect parent to my kid but couldn’t keep up to that and it really made me feel guilty. I wish I knew that being an ‘imperfect’ parent actually is  totally normal! There were a lot of struggles I faced, like managing my work and Veer which made me frustrated at  my cutie. Missed on many opportunities just to see that Veer’s task is done on time.

It’s not that I don’t love my son. He is a world to me, but however we moms do require a me time. For me me time doesn’t mean go to a salon and getting yourself pampered rather a quite time just doing nothing and gaze from my window. But after I have become a mom this has been a dream for me. It’s not that I have visited anywhere without Veer but that makes me feel guilty or my mind is half at home is he been taken care of just like I do. But lately I realised in this lockdown where there is no way out mind is craving for me time to stay healthy and fresh but just not possible. Yes sometimes the pressure is so much that I feel I can’t take it anymore especially my energy ball drives all my energy out in half day. Have you mommies out there busted out with tears anytime in this lockdown thinking you are just done and take it any more…

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