Where did I come from??

What are your thoughts about life after death. Does the person who left us really know what is happening in our life after they go or can they really watch us from above being a star. Can they really feel what the people are feeling when they are gone. What exactly happens when someone die, do they also feel bad that they would miss their family or their dreams which are yet to be fulfilled.

What do you think is awaiting for everyone of us after this life?
Does a parallel life start once the soul leaves the body? There are so many questions to life after death. Another thing I have heard that good people are called up by God but who would want to die? So is there a life after death. There are people who have revived back after death in hour so do they know what it feel to be on the other side of the wall. People who are dieing it seems comes to know that they would be dieing so is it that someone comes and wishpers in their ears and take them away in their world. Does death actually opens up adventurous path of hell and heaven.

Is there something called re-birth and will that person remember everything about their past, or the death of a person is like a drop of water which vapours up forms clouds and then again comes down like a rain in the earth. So according to me the soul is still alive the only thing is that they leave the body to rescue is from agony. Death is only the end for the family members, but the soul out there is waiting for a new body.
Now a story which I have never told to anyone except for my parents and husband. When I was pregnant with Veer I had the dream of someone coming very close to me and saying that this is my grandfather who is inside you. I got scared and woke up and thought how can this be possible what am I upto to think like this and went off to sleep. Again few weeks later I again had the same dream trust me I was scared like hell and couldn’t sleep the whole night. I discussed this with my husband and was giving it a thought. My grandfather died on 19th Feb 2017 and my doc told me you conceived between 17th Feb to 25th Feb 2017. So when I started agreeing to this fact yes it can be my grandfather I never had that dream again. This bub of mine is very attached to my father too. When he was 2 months Veer use to converse in his baby language to my father only and with no one else. So yes there is actually something called life after death. God has plans for everyone but we are always devastated with the loss.

The existence of life after death is a matter of belief….


  1. Totally agree with you. I believe in life after death, I truly believe that soul never dies and our well wishers are always around us. I have felt it several times – when I think of my grandparents specially.


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