everteen Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray for Women

everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray comes in a compact, handy and lightweight can that can easily fit in to a handbag or purse and is very necessary to use while we need to use public toilets. In this try times this is a hit product by everteen. With its pleasant aroma and powerful ingredients, you can rest assured that the toilet seat will be clean and free from germs in just 5 seconds. It is very safe, effective and instant disinfectant spray that protects women from risk of infections while using a public restroom. The dermatologically tested formulation of everteen toilet seat sanitizer evaporates almost immediately so you’re ready to use the toilet in just a few more seconds.

Some key features of Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer

▫️Kills germs in just 5 seconds, helps prevent UTI & other infections
▫️Dermatologically tested
▫️Compact to give you a handy and pleasant hygiene-on-the-move.
▫️Use it on toilet seat, seat cover, flush lever, faucets and doorknobs.
▫️A quality product from everteen®, the complete feminine health and hygiene expert.


Shake everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray can. Hold it upright & spray affected area at elbow-length distance (10 inches). Wait for about 5 seconds for sanitizing before using toilet seat. Avoid contact with skin.

Available on : https://everteen.co.in/product/toilet-seat-sanitizer-for-women-90ml/

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