What is Self Satisfaction???

It is the Ultimate goal of life that we achieve. However we should be satisfied about the moment that is achieved and not just get satisfied completely as we all want to achieve something more in our life. Wanting to achieve a new target is a good sign of growth. Yes a self satisfied person is the happy one. As they don’t envy others achievements and success.

There are 2 types of self satisfied people.
1. A person who actually cares about their success and growth to achieve their goals.

2. There are these negative self satisfied people who feel bad about themselves in a way which they don’t realise, just to make their self happy they try to demotivate and demean others.

So they basically are gossipers who knows they are lossers but proves the whole world that they have achieved all good in life and making rumours about others life. There basic goal is to be on the top of the ladder, but when they know you are on the top they can’t resist that, I bet people start rumors to hurt people or may be because they think the truth will make them inferior and others superior. So to deal with such kind of people the best answer is silence. When you throw a stone at the muddy puddle the dirt comes back to you. So be like a lotus in the muddy puddle.

Keeping other prospect of life intact, all of us should seek for self-satisfaction in a positive way.

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