Fly High There Is No Limit

My burning wings will not stop me from flying. I am bulletproof nothing to loose, fire away, fire away is what your attitude should be towards life.
There will be people around you to demotivate you but you should know that sky is your limit fly higher and higher.

“Now that I’m here, I will never fear.
I may be shooted with your words,
But I will always fly high like those birds.

You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But I will stand high with my greatfulness.
The world would want you to be soft spoken and fragile,
But you always need to be bold and agile.

This place is maze you will be lost inside,
But don’t panic there is always a hope alongside.

With the wings of fire I still can fly,
Be the one to inspire and glorify.”

All you need is 3 d’s in life to achieve your dreams : desire, determination & dedication.



  1. Indeed: no limits. It’s All in yourself, ready to do it , so … DO IT
    Experiences in my whole life proofed it : I could, I cann and YOU CANN !
    ( By the way, in september i’ll have 74 years young )
    French / dutch greetings,


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