Toddler Activities To Develop Skills

Raising a toddler is not a piece of cake as a parent we need to have a lot of patience to handle the kids. As they are like a duracel battery and we parents loose all our energy running behind them the whole day. Toddlers are very curious about the things happening around them and they have a very small attention span too. So it is very important to keep them engaged in activities that helps them develop their hand eye coordination, fine motor & gross motor skills as well as to increase their attention span. I know what activities attracts Veer more and he would actually sit with me and do I am taking up those activities so it interests him to sit for the entire activity to get over.

And for me it was really a great task to give Veer time in this lockdown with no help around and also a nuclear family. So for me planning was really very important as I used to get exhausted with household chores and personal work as well as to keep Veer engaged. Managing your time around the your blog on day to day as a mom is a task.

My son loves to play with playdough and painting with which he can sit for hours making sun, planets, stars and moon but yes I need to be with him making him do all these only with clay he make different shapes of balls and names the planet.
Every toddler is different and they master their skills at different time. Your child might be ahead in something and may have slightly behind in something that’s completely OK.
So what activities are you doing to keep your toddler engaged?


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