Instagram Addiction Is Real

Look my addiction got extreme and I decided to look like an @instagram icon today.

We all are addicted to phones and especially the social media apps. How many times of the day we pick up our phone and just start scrolling though the app when we are actually not suppose to touch the phone.
According to me you should always compare with yourself and not others as it sets up an unrealistic expectation from your ownself.
Excessive stalking of someone’s perfect Instagram feed can make you depressed.

Here are some points to show you are you really addicted to Instagram.

✅ Just for Instagram you click a selfie.
✅ Expecting or rather asking a follow for follow.
✅ Scrolling through the gram even when its late hours.
✅ Checking every hour for likes and getting depressed for not enough likes.
✅Looking for a picture perfect click and that is always a pressure.
✅ Food photography is compulsory for an Instagram addict.

We Instagram influencer has a full time job so for us being active and posting constantly is very important. So if you are a normal user keep an patter on Instagram use.

So tell me how much are you guys addicted to Instagram?

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