Fighting Parents Affect Child’s Mental Health

It is very common even in a healthy relationship couples fight and thats not a big deal. What is important for parents is to keep the arguments and disagreements away from children. Keeping the situation out of your child is what is maturity. Sometimes it may happen that it just happened in front of your kid handle it in a healthy manner and may be then you can have a conversation or fight in your room away from the kid.
A child’s mind is like a clay dough and can me moulded as we want. Similarly when parents fight or use bad language or insult each other kids get scared as to what is happening and they become very quite and timid. It really takes a toll on ypur childs mind. So I feel what is important here is stop the blame game and behave mature enough to stop the conversation right away. When the child can feel the negative vibes and high conflict situation in between their parents they become emotionally insecure and they may really struggle in life as to whom to trust whether mom or dad. This effects the child in long term where after the child is adult you can see the selfishness to want love and attention.
So if there is high conflict between the couple and staying together you feel will not do any favour to your little one. Then avoid conflict or make some changes in your relationship to raise a happy and healthy child.
Do comment your thoughts on how you handle conflict situation to raise a happy child.
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  1. You are very right Banashree, but even if “fighting” or arguing is not in front of our kids, they feel the tension anyway… I discovered that with my youngest daughter, wen it was not going good anymore between my husband and me..; never in front of her, but … the tension in the house she felt… At her teenage-time she gets more revolted then my 2 bigger children at that time … she wasn’t feeling very fine … So all she did feel as a very young child came out at that moment … With much patience and psychological help for her, all came at the right place for her and me. she is a happy, well doing woman now, lives in Canada B.C.
    ( like my 2 others, she flew away from home for studies and work … – in the Philippines, the Netherlands and she, as i said, in Canada , they all 3 make their living and they are happy, that’s the most important thing to a mother ….)


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