How To Get Your Brows Done At Home During Lockdown

Here are some simple techniques you need to follow to get your bushy brows to a nice shape brows.

You would require 4 things to get the brows done.
✅ Scissor ✂
✅ Tweezer
✅ Mascara
✅ Single Blade (face razor)

Step 1
– Brush your brow with the Mascara brush or spoolie brush properly.

Step 2
– Cut the extra grown or long strand of hair with the scissor.

Step 3
– The face razor is easily available on Amazon in the set of 3. Hold the blade at an angle to get the proper result. Keep the finger on your brow while performing the act so that you don’t shave off extra hair. Hold your skin tightly while taking off the hair from above your eye.

Step 4
– If there is any extra hair to shape the brow pluck the hair with the Tweezer one by one.

Here is the simple technique to get your brows done at home during the lockdown.


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