It Hurts

9 months of pregnancy hurted, the delivery was painful, breastfeeding was most difficult and that hurted too.
Seeing my baby cry hurted the most and that made me cry too many times. A sleepless night hurted thinking of how will I handle my tomorrow. Couldn’t take shower at peace that hurted. Serving everyone and prioritising others hurted.
A difficult day with no help and no rest hurted. No time for self love and self pampering hurted.
We mothers need love, help and appreciation and not criticism. She takes care of everyones ones needs she needs to be taken care off too. She is a human made of flesh and blood and not a doll made of plastic and rug. Understand what she is going through all she wants is Love.
Motherhood is not easy as it seems to be, it is precious and beautiful but it is very difficult.
The love and the feelings she holds for her baby is capable of supporting the world to conquer anything she wants. Nobody is born perfect everyone learns from their mistakes similarly nobody is  born being a mother, one becomes a Mother. #maatomaahotihai #the_womum
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  1. A pitty you had only hurts because of your baby … I have 3, only the last one wenn i was allready a bit older, it was a bit painfull to feed my youngest babydaughter … But all the rest was 3 times joyfull, as i wish to all mama’s ! ! ! I forget the vomitting in the beginning, but after i was fitter, better then ever the rest of the months … Don’t make afraid other women please … it can happen very nice … Advise : be happy now and here, with your son and your loving husband, forget the pains out of the past… it was worth it, isn’t it ??? !!! ❤ (y), love, hanny


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