Difference Between Selfless & Selfish Love

Self-less love means to love someone for their betterment and safety regardless of your personal wants. It is a whole hearted care without any personal gain or profit. And yes it completely different from selfish love. With the increase in hatered, fight and violence in this lockdown.
Let me tell you that we many times fade in between selfless and selfish love. You may be selfish to want love and attention but that can be taken other way as selfish love. We always want the best for the people we love and that may be not the decision they may like or can stand with.
Here are some traits of self less love you can follow to keep the disagreements away.
✅ It is caring more about their well being rather than yours.
✅ Stay away for the benifit of your relationship its not avoiding them it is to not create more worst situations.
✅ Combined goals or decisions is what your expect but because in India it is more of male dominated it is always an individuals decision that matters at the end, so stay away and agree to the decision even though you don’t like, just to keep your relationship going.
✅ Seat back at times to help your partner fulfil their decisions or dreams because that what they will do, don’t get into their matter this will create a negative environment at home.
✅ Stop judging your partner by saying abusive language and calling them selfish. Stop assuming things. Listen to them. This will help stop arguments.
Share this article or tag people you know are fighting over petty issues. If there relationship is in trouble to avoid the clashes in between them.
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