The Carry-Me Phase

Walking is a novelty for toddler when they learn it new. Always they want is to get off from our arms or pram and start walking.
But by the time they turn two walking is no more a novelty all they want it to carry them and toddler’s become very clingy too.
You will see a lot of tantrums by them when you are in the mall for shopping , they may lie down in the middle of the store or shout so that you lift them. But I will tell you some tips where you can make your cuties walk.
✅ Make your toddler feel they are very important by handing them over the lightest bag so they feel responsible and tend to walk because they want to feel they are big too.
✅ Distracting them when they want to be picked up. Like play a game by telling them to count the tiles or store they are passing by. May be when you are walking down the street make them count trees .
✅ Don’t be in a rush especially when your little one agrees to walk. They have small legs and can’t match upto your speed.
✅ Compliment your kid for being so good when you are done for the day. Appreciation is a magic from a toddler to a adult.
Do ‘Save and Comment’ your thoughts on what do you do to make your toddler walk.
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