Engage With Local Followers Through Geotag

This is very easy to do and very important to come in notice of local followers and this also helps in gaining followers especially if you put your current location according to you WiFi IP address. You can either put a location map to your photo or you can manually search your location. This is exactly like the foursquare app we used, Instagram has relied on this app for locations. You can also custom your location like “home sweet home or my dream house” these will not be public.
Now you may have a question how will my photo be visible if I tag a location. So when anyone clicks that location and searches all the post under that Geotag would be visible. Post with location tags get more engagement than those without any.
Geotags are equally important on stories and hashtag too. When you use the location sticker people who don’t follow you can get to see your stories through explore page. You should also use hashtag of the city you are in.

Geotag for Stories on Instagram

Geotag will help you increase your visibility and reach.
It is one of the easiest and hardly used marketing techniques on Instagram.
Do ‘Save and Comment’. This post would surely be helpful for most and if you have any more query comment I would surely answer them.
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