Paint Your Own Life And Make It Beautiful

There’s always a point in your life where you need someone to inspire you. To live the life you have imagined you’ve to be the artist of your own life. However to get the rainbows there will always be rains so relax, every moment and memories creates some experiences. Then it’s our choice to be authentic and learn new lessons and set ourselves to imagination or get crushed with the bad flow. We all want a balance life, but that is always not possible.
There will be people to add colour to your life, but you will be the one to paint it according to your dream. Make your own luck. Live your life the way you want. Not caring of what others think of you. The drama will always be On, to shake you off. But you’re better then what others portrays about you. Draw your mind, even if your hand shakes. Always do what makes you happy, don’t always look for the ways to impress others, then you will never live for yourself. Few people can only see what they want to see, so rather don’t make efforts for such kind of people. It’s your life so don’t make anyone make you feel guilty, by the way you want to live. If you live like the way they want, still you’ll be judged so why hurt yourself. Life is the canvas, our conversations are the canvas and dreams are the canvas. Your life is a masterpiece, so to make it fall in place all you need is the correct mindset. Paint what makes you happy. Whether it’s your dream house or a lavish destination. Make an initiative to paint it yourself, or someone else may paint something that you may not like. So be your own artist. A saying by Vincent Van Gogh “I dream my paintings, and then they paint my dream.”
While painting your life, don’t let anyone else hold the paint brush. Nobody else gets to live your life. Paint your picture. Dream your own masterpiece into being. Your motto should be glow in dark. But to bring its shine out, you must paint and decorate it with your imagination. Make an impression where ever you go. So people can say I want my life like the way they live. Let the world be your canvas, and your ponytail be your paint brush. Every sweep of the brush matters to create a masterpiece.


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