A Great Initiative By PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister @narendramodi has come up with a great initiative of #jantacurfew to fight #Covid19.

“This curfew is for the people and by the people”. We all have to be a responsible citizen to make this a success, this is just to help control the spread of coronavirus and also stop social interaction.
Yes, and one more thing I have noticed about social distancing inspite of so much our government wants to do for us, but people just don’t want to understand and take this matter seriously until it is a member from their family.
Social Distancing means not just getting out, it also doesn’t mean that you go out from your social group and distance yourself from the rest of the world you never know among you who is carrying the virus. Just like what kanika kapoor did she has spread it amongst so many people around her. Act like a civilized people.
Get your act together people its really not a joke.
It really felt good to see when @mumbaipolice came to our area and got some shop shut. Aksa beach is all empty thanks to @my_bmc.
Its all of us who can help and stop coronavirus.
Stay Home. Stay Safe
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  1. In France ( and other European countrys ) we have to stay home, no allowed to go out unless it’s for food, medical reasons or other urgency. All shops closed, only for food and pharmacie.
    Even post offices in little towns are closed now.
    Even take out your dog is limited to 100 meters from your house, if you don’t have a garden yourself …
    People with a garden can go out in that private aerea, that’s what i miss now …
    But I open the windows, let the sunshine in and the fresh-air, car nearly no cars on the road…
    I have a lot to do, in a artistic way and …. houskeeping ( bèèèrk ! )
    So i am not boring untill now. (y)
    Lucky there is internet for contacts with family and friends .
    Hope you will have a solution to make the people conscientious of the situation,
    and to protect weaker people, helping and everyone to stay healthy .
    Warm greetings out of France,


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