Let’s Talk Covid To Kids

So everywhere we here about coronavirus and the sad truth is the number is rising around the world with over 246,494 cases and the death is 10,049. And this is creating a panic situation. All you have to do is guys firstly keep calm and don’t panic thats when you tend to goof up. There are 88,485 recovered cases too. Most offices have started work from home. So the risk is reduced little and the situation is under control, however still there are many offices which is open and people are taking the public transportation, going out to eat in restaurants, they have to take the necessary precautions like mask and Sanitiser which I don’t see people still doing. This is a serious matter guys be responsible enough to take action according to what the government is saying. .
I feel letting your kid know about Covid is important so they also can take care. Like I know however Veer does not go out anywhere without us yet I told him there is a dangerous insect which is virus has come to our earth which is our world. And thats when this lil chap told me corona (my husband had already told him) . Veer tells me I’ll drink milk and become hulk and kill this green virus thats his imagination. .
So now when we come home from a stroll in my society he tells me to give him that fruity perfume in his hand. Veer is 2 plus so this much information is enough for them but little older kids tell them in detail and let them ask questions to clear their doubt answer them they are anxious too as to what is happening around them. Give them as much knowledge you have and how they should also be cautious and take and keep updating them that makes them feel good.
Stay Happy. Stay Safe
Keep praying for a better tomorrow and for people who are infected with #Covid19 #jantacurfew

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