Tips for Hair & Skin Care During Holi

Hope your life is framed with all colors of love and happiness today and always!
Happy Holi
The festival of colour is here and we all love this beautiful colour in our life. Getting drench in colour is the real fun of this festival. Sometimes we use those silver oil paint which is very harmful for our hair as well as skin it damages them by making it rough and dry.
So a special care is very important before we enjoy this beautiful festival of colour. Suggest you guys to use non toxic colour and don’t waste water this holi. .
What special and basic care I take for my skin and hair are .
✅ Most important thing is tie your hair so that maximum portion of your hair is not exposed to colour. ✅ Avoid shampooing your hair a day prior let your hair get a natural oily scalp if you don’t want to apply oil and go.
✅ However it is suggested to oil, if your hair is nourished you would not require a SPA as your hair will not become dry. ✅ For skin the best thing is to apply sunscreen so it will protect from UV rays as well as colour.
✅Avoid wearing contact lens just incase if the colour goes into your eyes it may cause serious problem. Use sunglasses. This isn’t my personal experience but I know of one of my friend she had a lot of issues. .
These are some of the tips i follow.
Do ‘Save and Comment’ if there is anything else that you do during holi for your hair and skin.
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