Your Time Equals Your Love

Lately I was seeing some different behaviour of Veer towards me, or even any activity that he had to do with me. All he wanted always was his dad. And he was getting very clingy to Nimesh and inspite of me being whole day with him he just did not want me. I was really upset about the fact. Even he started throwing tremendous tantrums for food, which was being very difficult for me. I was just loosing my patience on him. But controlling my anger was what all I could do. I consulted my pediatric too. She told me he should have a proper 3 meal in the entire day however my little one came to just 1 meal a day. I was very sad and depressed about this. And just didn’t have any solution to this or what I could do to get back a normal routine that we usually followed. I and my husband had a whole lot of argument over this.
Thats when I decided to keep my phone away completely when I was spending time with Veer. I was missing upon the quality time with him it was only quantity time. And just a days practise of keeping my phone away and my little clingy cupcake is back doing mumma mumma and we are back to our craziness and I was super happy and realised all Veer wanted was my time, which due to work I was not able to give him. Had too much pending work to be completed as I was off for my sisters wedding.
Kids don’t remember the gifts we buy for them but definitely the experience and fun they have with us is all that really matters to them all they want is our time and it was a week I was way too busy with the wedding and then work and Veer found it to be neglected. Veer is my priority and I realised managing time is all that I wanted which was missing and led to such situation.
Do Save and Comment your thoughts about did you face such situation where you found your kid little detached from you. How did you handle the situation?

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