Sad Truth About Blogging

I have heard from many people saying bloggers get free stuffs. So I thought to bring in light to this topic.
You may think this is a freebie but it really takes a lot of efforts and hardwork to get there. Blogging doesn’t get you name, fame and money overnight it requires a lot of planning as to how I can go about excuting, thinking on what blogs my audience would like or what type of capture will make my grid look good and there is a lot more to it.
✅ Blogging Isn’t A Piece of Cake
So all the bloggers can connect with me on this that blogging isn’t easy. It takes a whole lot of time to build a blog and even more time to see the momentum and see the growth. It is not like a 9-5 job, as we want to build our blog sometimes 24hrs also feels less for that. The harder you work the fast you can see sucess still sometimes it takes 1-2 years to reach upto your goals.
✅ Blogging Isn’t A Business
A blog is place where you can promote your business. And it is not business itself. Like the way I started my Instagram blogging and promoted @cuddlesandchuckles. Blogging should be used to boost your main business, basically a promotional platform. Develop your blogging style and create a valuable content to grow
your business.
✅ Blogging is all about them
What I mean by this is Blogging isn’t about me it is always about my audience and their needs. People come to read your blog because they like you and the niche that you have choosen. You should always choose a topic to write on thinking about your readers.
So if you are looking to be a blogger all you need to do is start and you would learn with experience and go with the flow. If you have this in mind that you would read a lot to give your best on first go then you are wrong you will learn with experience. Provide quality content and ask for feedback to improvise.
Do ‘Save and Comment’ your thoughts about sad truth of blogging how to handle it. .
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