Honoured As MomStar

It’s been quite sometime now, but in this blogging journey of 1 and half year I got many opportunities and I have seen myself grow with my hardwork. Yet a long way to go.
However, the most awesome thing that happened to me in 2019 made me feel on top of the world.
I was honoured as ‘Mumbai Ki Momstar’ and I am very thankful to @mybabychakra for giving me such a great opportunity to be ‘Face of BabyChakra’.
The day spent was really awesome. They made us feel like Queen. I got an awesome makeover done at @jeanclaudebiguineindia and lovely outfit from @thelabellife and then a photoshoot by @anamikasinghphotography. She is a celebrity photographer as most of you might know.
Zumba session by @suchetapal was fun and she was so gracefully dancing with her cute baby bump.
Thank you so much @mybabychakra for making my 2019 so great and memorable !!!
#bowtie_and_lipsticks #IndiakiPehliMomStar #FaceofBabyChakra #MumbaikiMomstar #Momstarkikhoj

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