How To Be A Successful Blogger

Everyone wants to be successful isn’t it? But do you know how much hard work it requires to get till there. And yes the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that no one would help you to be successful you have to work for yourself. Everyone is insecure I have learnt this through experience and now I will tell you how I got myself till here yet success is still far away I am trying each day to get better.

✅ You should always have a catchy name so that people start to notice wether they may say or no but picking up a good username makes other to stalk your profile.
✅ Select your Niche the most important thing you can’t be a master of all. So don’t try to sail in all the boats together. Stick to the niche you are passionated about and you have full knowledge.
✅ Use relevant hashtag and yes select hashtag with less post in it so that you can trend in it. Then you would be noticed by others.
✅Geotag your discoveries and place mention them in your stories to get noticed. That’s how brand would come to know you are an Influencer.
✅ Create quality post and the picture also should be attractive and blurry low light photo no one would be interested to like it or rather read the content.
✅ Engage on your fellow bloggers post if you want others to engage on your it is always 2 way.
✅ Don’t see what others do give in your best shot to be successful. Other success should not bother you if you are confident about yourself so you would not really try to poke your nose in other people’s business.
✅ Posting polls on your instagram story will help you increase your engagement. Ask your followers to comment their feedback on your post.
✅ Collaborate with other influencer that makes the process easier for both of you. However, it is completely possible to grow your account by yourself.
✅ Reach out to brands with your media kit however that should not contain your rates. If you have made an attractive presentation brand will collabrate with you. As brands do have budget tonpay their influencer when you show the need of collaboration thats when you don’t get paid.
Level up your instagram skills by being unique.
Do ‘Save and Comment’ your thoughts about what you did to grow your account

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