How much water a toddler should intake

Water is very important to rehydrate our body as we loose it through sweating and digestion. The fuild intake in the body is according to their age and also it is separate from the water provided by other food in their diet. A toddler should intake 2 – 4 cups of water and you should always make sure their urine ahould not be yellow in colour. Water is the source of growth
Winter is here and the most difficult thing I face during this period is telling Veer to drink water. So I try out some fun elements so that he has fluid intake in adequate amount and thats when I found  dolphin straw sipper blue bottle his recent favourite sea animal …
Some of its features are:-
✅ Detachable anti slip handle .
✅ Soft silicon spout which helps in overall oral development .
✅ In built valve which makes it non spill and leak proof.
✅ Easy to dissemble, clean and sterilise .
✅ BPA free making it perfectly safe for your baby.
. is easily available on @amazondotin and @firstcryindia.
Do save and comment below your experience of making your kid drink water.
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