This 5 little word plays such an important role in life. We fail to trust the person who wants the right thing in our life and tend to trust a false promise to trust more.
So this boy who goes abroad to study abroad falls in love with a foreigner. He was very sure rather had more trust on his father that he would never let him marry her. And get a girl from his native. Which he never wanted, however his mother always told him that I would get a girl who fits in your criteria. Trust me I always want good for you. But he never trusted his mother. Love was blind so obviously he trusted the girl more than his mother..
His married life was going good after a year they used to agrue that too it use to be extreme. This boy wanted to save his marriage so he tried his level best. But after few more months there came violence. Can you imagine what happened. The girl use to hit this boy, and one day it was so brutal that their neighbours called the police. And then they finally had a divorce.
But the moral of the story is trust a person who is your well wisher and don’t trust anyone blindly that will lead to broken heart and sadness in life.

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