Instagram hidding visible likes – Pros & Cons

The changes are already visible in some accounts, however visible likes are completely not gone. Instagram had to take this action to create less pressure among youngsters about their like counts. Hiding likes will downplay the competitive nature on social media. However my personal view on this is, now when people genuinely like your content they will engage by commenting. However for influencers it will still be a big challenge to beat the algorithm. However these changes would hinder the growth now but with time we would get acustomed, but for a month or so everyone would see a drop in their statistics. Instagram organic likes have always been a way to measure the success of a particular post. .
✅Most importantly it will improve the mental health. No pressure and no judgement..
✅The focus would be on the quality of the content. ✅You can now see a real engagement with comments. ✅This will take off the pressure of getting likes so creators would focus more on contents. .
✅On the contradictory people would buy more likes to showcase the brands
✅This will hinder the reach, impressions and engagement..
✅The fight will be now on how to gain more followers.
✅There would be more of a comment bots now..
✅This may limit influencer marketing especially for micro influencer.
If we stop chasing likes you can see a real connection on Instagram.
Do ‘save and comment’ your thoughts about Instagram ditching likes.
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