Happy Families = Happy Children

For parents to raise a happy child is very important and that is only possible with a positive environment at home.
I remember taking Veer to our friends house where all of a sudden the husband and wife had an argument and she went in the room crying and the matter was closed then nothing much of a discussion. And the very next day I just closed my bedroom door and this little pumpkin of mine told his father “Mumma crying room” so do you see how much it impacted him. My husband and I as well avoid any kind of arguments in front of Veer. While we feel that they are too young to comprehend the situation, we also know that kids do feel a negative environment and it does impact them deeply. Everytime I get anxious when I let go of Veer I can see the anxiety on his facial expressions as well. Hence, ensuring we are happy and positive around our kids is extremely crucial. Happy Families = Happy Children.
In accordance with this, KLAY schools, have launched their latest campaign Happy Adult = Happy Child. This Children’s Day, take the pledge to raise happy children and build healthy families. Participate in the webinar by Meghna Yadav (Child Care and Guidance Expert) on how we can raise happy children by taking the pledge. Visit this link for more information – https://www.klayschools.com/happy-child-pledge/
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