What is the difference between Blogger/Influencer and Reviewer?

Social media influencing means endorsing the products to increase the visibility of it, by acknowledging the trust of your followers.
To be an Reviewer you don’t need to be in blogging space as social media is the best place to get the brands noticed. Most of the brands looks for promotions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. as that’s the best way to promoteto their specific market group and get the desired visibility.
Where as bloggers use to blog on blogspot or WordPress and were able to monetize via affliate marketing until they became aware of how to go about blogging on Instagram or Vlogging on YouTube and that made them an Influencer in their niche.

There is a grey area between a Blogger/Influencer and Reviewer. Now you may think if Blogger/Influencer and Reviewer both are almost similar then whats their role on Instagram individually.
So Reviewers need engagement on their post as it is must for them to get likes and comments because that’s how the brand can understand how much their product is seen by the followers and gauge the performance of their product as compared to competitors. The reviewer may or may not be using the product in question and will only be using to review it and leaves the judgement of buying on the audience.

While a Blogger/Influencer can influence the purchase decision of the audience since many a times the influencer is the actual user and since they enjoy a loyal audience (in terms of niche) the brands can use this to their benefit.
However for influencers it is not mandatory to get engagement, they share their views and thoughts about a specific product which they happen to use or are using it.

Influencer can be a reviewer but a reviewer cannot be a Influencer.

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#bowtie_and_lipsticks #influencermom #influencermarketing #momblogger #werarerealbloggers #mumbaimoms #delhimoms #momlife #bloggerslife #bloggersstyle

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