What is Blogging?

Blogging means writing your thoughts, ideas and information that you would like to share with your followers. And it is not collaboration and engagement for likes and comments that you see in a bloggers grid. So people who are continously endorsing brands are not bloggers but reviewers do you agree on that?
I remember when I use to discuss with Nimesh about getting collaboration he told me one thing did you join as a blogger or just a reviewer. Thats when I stopped my self in getting so much into the rat race of collaboration.
If you call yourself a blogger or influencer let it flow in a proper way. Stop to feel low and demotivated when you don’t have collaboration.
I don’t know what others had in mind when they started blogging. But with @mummyandrayaan ‘s help I did know that the little scribbling that I did on WordPress, I would be doing something like that in Instagram to become a blogger. I didn’t know what is collaboration gradually I came to know about it.
And yes let me tell you blogging means your personal diary and not the content you pick up from Internet and get it up on your blog. Share your ideas about any specific subject that you would want to share knowledge about.
And yes bloggers do get paid for their content on websites. So blogging is fun right?
Do ‘comment and save’ and let me know your thoughts about what you think you are a blogger or a reviewer on Instagram?

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