How to make your toddler socialable

Most parents might have faced that it is not easy to get the social skills in their child easily. Toddlers learn a lot by watching other kids playing around them. Sometimes this seems trival but that is very important for your baby’s development both in case of learning language as well gaining knowledge.
When you want your child to be social with other kid and gel up, give them only one toy at a time tonplay with, so that they learn to share and interact to each other. Make them play everyday for sometime. Make them know what emotion is, by making different faces and expressing your thoughts of being happy, sad, joyful, anger, tired. This is important for them to learn to interact and respond to the situation around him or her.
A alone child with only mother at home find it difficult to trust other so they don’t will to gel up with others. So waiting for them to start preschool will bring in a lot of difference in their social behaviour.
Do “Save and Comment” your thoughts about how did you manage to make your childs socialable
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