🧠 How To Boost Your Baby’s Brain 🧠

Your everyday activities with your baby or toddler help them develop their attention and reasoning skills and language too with good vocabulary. The more the information we give them the more the neurons generates. An infants brain has the capability to learn more compared to that of a grown up child’s brain. The information that we feed them helps them to wire their connection for years ahead. Fostering an early passion for books helps a lot in long run. I started reading to Veer when he was 4 months old, and spoke in all possible languages. And my lullabies when I sang for him was always rhymes and mantras. And always respond to them with logic and not just randomly. That helps them develop their reasoning skills.
And yes brain development starts before birth. So try to read books if possible and stay away frim smoke zone or hokka. Study shows many babies get drug abused when in mothers womb and that shows up in childs behaviour at the growing stage. Talk to your unborn baby in womb respond to his movements inside by placing your hand.
Play games with them that involves their hand gesture to learn coordination and also when they are doing some hand gesture they feel it more fun.
When your baby cries soothe and cuddle them that’s what they look for and helps them to feel secure. And always supervise their play time when you think they have any choking hazards and allow them a messy play that’s what the toddlers love so may be with slime, clay or water colour.
Encourage them to explore thats the best way to develop their brain and raise a smart and intelligent baby.
Do “Save & Comment” let me know in comments how early did you introduce books to your child
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  1. A very good parent-behavior.
    My children had tissue-books already in their cradle, as soon as born i told them story’s at once in a good, normal language ( no “baby-talk” ), showed them images.
    Bigger, counting by loud voice the staps on the stairs , i commented and explained everything we did together, and why some things are ‘forbidden’, so they will learn the difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ …
    ( there will be a period that they will say ‘no’ to everything you purpose 😉 )
    I did less make difference between boy and girl for toys, games a.s.o., the “dolls and cars” and later for instance electronic construction boxes, where there for the both of them.
    Never regretted to have had them in very short time , ( as i wished – than i was growing up alone -, only 1 year between them ).
    They grew up together, always were together , the washing machine turned more often, one took his bottle alone while i was feeding the second, i wasn’t much more tired than with only the first one, (at my young age at that time ).
    Until now they still are very close together, parents their self …
    Greetings from France,
    ( i don’t reply every time, but i read most of your posts )


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