Bowtie and lipsticks turns 1

Why did I choose this name

Finding a perfect handle for Instagram can be tough! As we want it to be cool, trendy and catchy at the same time. So after a lot of thought I came upto this one.

It was today when I changed the name of my Instagram handle and my 2nd baby is 1 today. It really took a lot of efforts and hardwork to reach upto here. And yes achieved a lot and much more to know in this world of blogging everyday I come across something new.
Today let me tell you why did I choose this name.

This is an interesting story so “bowtie_and_lipsticks” I wanted to keep a name that worked both for me and my son and even when my son grows up the name should go with his age.

Bowtie is Veer and he can wear a bowtie when he is big man too. As of now no plan for a second baby but in case I plan for a second baby and if that’s a girl for me so bow would be she and tie would be Veer. Its too cheeky but that’s how this came up to my mind. And ofcourse I am the 💄 . Yes and why lipsticks coz there will be so many shades (role) of me as an Influencer. It was an amazing journey so far. Hope to continue do the same.

Do let me know in comment what was your thought behind the name you choose?#bowtie_and_lipsticks #turns1 #mumbaimoms #bloggerslife #bloggersstyle #momblogger #bossbabe #sexymama #mamabear #indianmomblogger #indianmomblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyleblogger #parentinggoals #motherhood #igdaily


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