Malaysian Palm Oil

Last week was so much fun. I attended an event and their theme was Bollywood. It was a bloggers meet cum foodhunt which was at sunville banquet. The experience was wonderful as this was the second MPOC meet. Learnt about healthy benifits of palm oil in a different way.

Ms. Bhavna Shah from MPOC-India addressed the team of bloggers present at the venue. A brief presentation on Palm oil and how healthy it is for out body.
Mr. Sandeep Bhan – Cheif Operating Officer of Sime Darby Oils, Part of Sime Darby Plantation. He was witty and humorous in his talk and kept the bloggers engaged in his conversation while discussing his role and goals in the company.
Palm Oil has some great health benefits mentioned are some of the key points :-
✅Reduces Cholesterol Levels.
✅Slows the Progression of Heart Disease.
✅Boosts Brain Health.
✅Enhances Vitamin A Status.
✅Reduces Oxidative Stress.
✅Improves Skin and Hair Health.
Palm tocotrienols demonstrate protective effects against osteoporosis. Improves bone volume and thickness and reduces bone porosity.
They have endless benefits to it. So I highly recommend to switch over to Malaysian Palm Oil.
There was a treasure hunt organised for the bloggers where they were divided into teams with the first piece of clue.
We had to guess the restaurants name through the given clue card which was The game, we had to answer few questions and proceed further to the next restaurant for the next activity. The clue took us to baranaa and here we all were blind folded to taste the food item and guess all the ingredients included in that. After guessing the clue card we reached to the light house cafe and here we had to make salad using palm oil.
The last activity was at sunville which was all the group members had to take one Ingredient which was ice cream, ferrero rocher, hide and seek biscuit,chocolate sauce and mix everything in one bowl and eat it at the earliest.

It was a great fun event. Discovered the best Health Benefits of Palm Oil too.
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