Negative thoughts and people who bring in such things to you are the one who takes you away from your personal growth and business. You will find some people who are just way too negative in their life and try to put this in your mind and to eradicate such people I feel the best thing to do is avoid them and stay away. You will find people who bring in negative thoughts in you by a very positive way. Like they will talk about other success to you and make you feel your hardwork is not showing up and instead of keeping your work flow smoothly you tend to worry. Wasn’t that very easy for them to get you off track from your goals.
Understanding such kind of people is very important and do what you feel like doing and don’t loose focus. And this rumination can make you angry or upset about the situation and you break down as the issue dint come to your head but someone just magnified that to you.
Don’t talk your heart out to people because people actually can’t see you grow or your success. Keep positive company besides you and don’t talk business to keep the relationship going. Avoid people who show they are your well wishers but you actually know they are not because you never know what they are rubbing upto you.
Reframe the situation if anyone makes it negative for you. Find positivity in the situation and you can see how easy it is for you to distract yourself.
Yes when you are disturbed and anxious about any situation please watch TV or put some music to calm yourself and you will feel that there is no weight of the situation and you just get too much into it.
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