How can you choose a right preschool for your child and whats the definition of right preschool means to you?
This is a very difficult and overwhelming task as to identify if you are choosing the correct one.
The first positive vibe you would get once your toddler likes the place and starts playing this means the environment is perfect for your little one. Then check for the cleanliness around check their washrooms and how are the nanny’s out there clean ansd presentable. Are all the classrooms inviting and colourful.
Check out the activity sheets to see if it is done by the child or the teacher completes it. If you can observe a classroom with children then that would be the best way for you to understand if the childrens interact and how joyful are they in the class.
The most challenging part of a preschool is the separation anxiety so looking for a school which has a positive environment is very important. According to your childs grasping power and tendency to learn checkout their ciriculam.
In my case I’m looking for a school which shares a little more knowledge then what Veer already knows. And I think I have found the right school for him.
Do “Save The Post” and “Comment” your thoughts about choosing a right preschool.
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