Before you opt for the diet I followed please consult a health expert.
If you are looking for fast weight loss then this diet is best. My personal experience was 2 kgs lost in one week as I followed it strictly. And sugar completely stop.
This is basically to control the metabolism of our body. And now I eat everything but my weight is under control.
Watermelon 🍉 diet helps you reduce very fast as it is 90% water and it has a great source of an amino acid called arginine, which helps burn fat quickly.
The short term watermelon diet routine. .
Short Term (1 week)
✅1 bread toast.
✅1 Cucumber 🥒 or Egg 🥚 (if non-vegetarian) 1 glass of 🥛 milk. .
✅Only watermelon 🍉 one big bowl.
✅4-5 Almonds
✅Roasted Chana.
✅1 Bowl of clear water soup don’t use the ready soups as that contains sugar.
✅1 bread toast.
Watermelon diet reduces inflammation and removes toxins from your body. The fiber content in watermelon helps you feeling full for long and keeps you from overeating. But follow this diet only for 15 days.
But if you have carbohydrates included in your diet to reduce weight please consume only 4-5 ice cubed size watermelon as it contains fructose which converts it into glucose and you will not observe weight loss.
So people find it difficult to follow this diet as it is like starving yourself. So for them I have another diet plan which I followed to shread my last 2-3kgs.
Stay connected for my second diet post on diet plan. Do “Save The Post” and “Comment” your thoughts about your weight loss journey and if you need help DM me anytime.
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