After giving birth most women face a problem to love their postpartum body the protruding stomach, streaks of stretch marks, droopy boobs and loose skin. This pic of mine is 7 weeks postpartum. And on the other hand most women have a postpartum depression as well like I used to cry when my baby cried and felt like being a mother why can’t I understand what he wants.
And when you have a doctors visit for check up after delivery you don’t find any clothes to wear and think when will you get back to shape to fit in your outfits.
And nevertheless the society is all there to tell you about the weight that you have put it is so difficult to reduce and again on the other way they would say eat more as you are breastfeeding your baby. I have a suggestion for you moms please give a deaf ear to such mouths.
Dont forget your body underwent a lot to nurture that small life inside you. And childbirth is not a easy task whether normal or C-sec your body is a pure ball of magic to give birth to this wonderful litte human.
Dont keep on thinking when will I get my old figure back rather except your new body let that little one grow with time things will come in place. I weighed 72kgs and gained almost around 17kgs but with time I have reduced my son is 22 months now and I have come upto 56kgs.
Love your postpartum body and respect it for its strength, grace and power to carry this baby for 9 months. Trust yourself and love yourself the way you are and automatically with a little of diet and workout you will see the changes in your body.
My Mantra was ” My Body Rocks And I Created This Gorgeous Baby” this positive attitude helped me a lot to accept the changes in my body. Accept it that your body will not be the same like before. Its a blessing to be a mother.
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