Accepting the separation anxiety for a child is very difficult especially if you are staying in a nuclear family and how traumatic it is for the child for the first few days to get separated from the parents whether it is just for 2 hours and same is the feeling for the parents and thats when we expect an effective approach by the teacher towards the child.
A positive approach will help the teacher understand the childs needs.
I’ll share a incident where A small boy of 2 years went to school crying everyday and after a week when everybody settled he was still cranky which continued almost his entire playgroup. He never participated in the activities and use to cry lying in front of the door no one cared..
He used to get so tired crying that after that he just use to sit in one corner of the room doing nothing but play with his fingers. And the sad part parents were never given a hint of it and was always conveyed a wrong message that he is a very obidient child and participates in every activity. What are your thoughts about it?
I will share one of my experience when I visited a preschool to enquire for my son and now you can connect why it is important to choose a right preschool.
Veer was not settled that particular day and he was cranky and clingy to me. While we were in the process of understanding their curriculum a teacher entered the principal’s cabin. Looking at her Veer got cranky and thats when the teacher imitated him the way he was crying my husband told the teacher as well he doesn’t like to be copied when he cries but she didn’t care and continued and that made Veer angry and he started crying out loud. I found that as a very wrong approach so how would they be behaving when the parents are not around. So that school is no more in my list for Veer. .
Mommies did I overthink upon this for the teacher should not have behaved in that manner. Please comment your views about my thought.
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