I have heard it from many parents that speaking with babies in many languages makes them a late speaker. How many of you believe this myth? .
The greatest controversy over this is that multiple language can confuse the child and delay his speech and understanding. All children develop their language skills differently and start speaking at different age. .
So let me tell you my experience Veer was introduced to 5 languages. I always talk to him in English and Bengali and my husband talks in Gujarati and kutchhi. I and my husband talk in Hindi or English. Veer was little late in talking thats what I felt according to the myths put by people around me. But nevertheless I see kids who have a delayed speech inspite of just one language introduced.
Yes let me tell you that you can have Bilingual baby even when he or she has not started talking they start to absorb words. So now Veer converses with both of us accordingly so how did I manage.
We always stuck to a routine and language one person one language at a time to make him understand and learn. We never mix languages with him. There is always a minority language at home for approach i.e English. And yes we also follow the time and place method. This means mornings is only I speak in one language and Nimesh speaks in one language and evenings again we both change the language for his better understanding and grasping. .
And now I’m so proud of my 22 month old speaks in one-one word though can’t form sentences however thats a great achievement for him I believe. He speaks to me in Bengali his daddy in Gujrati and both of us in English and can understand whatever we say in whichever language even Hindi.
And I would make sure to put him in a preschool where they don’t use regional language at all. For making his English stronger by his teacher.
I would love to hear about your experiences and methods in the comments about Multilingual parenting.
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  1. By experience i can tell you that multiple languages are benefit for children…
    Not talking three strange languages at once, indeed the child can get confused, but the parents language or one of the parents-languages ( so two languages wenn mixed parents ) or another language from baby on,
    will do well ! My son talked french to his baby-daughter and her mother Cebuano/philipin, and others talked englisch.. once at school she talked englisch and cebuano and learned tagalog the official Pilippino main language, not so much french anymore… BUT what she heard as a baby she still knows now at 9 yaers old, and understand simple french sentences / words, the little songs a.s.o. too, all what my son her learned AS a BABY as she still didn’t speak herself !
    My 3 children speak Dutch, Englisch, German, French ( as I do ) and a bit Spanish and my son also a bit Philippino ;
    All 3 of my grandchildren are multi-languistic, one dutch / englisch, the 2 others englisch, 2 philipino-languages, and my little grand-daughter a bit french from her baby-time …
    So, for your little son, go ahead ! English in school is good, it is a international language spoken in your own countrie, like my 2 philipin-grandchildren are on an international school where lessons are given in englisch, next to the local languages of their countrie . They manage it well so your little darling will do also ! I’m sure !
    By the way, how handsome and big he is in between ! and his mom too (y) ❤
    Warm greetings, hanny in France

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