A Must-Have For All New Moms

When I was a new mom I wasn’t aware of these disposable changing mats. So at times, it used to become very difficult when we use to travel. Even at home, if the diapers leaked or if Veer had “accidents” during a diaper change, the mattress used to smell until I disinfected it under direct sunlight. It made me worry about hygiene and germs. I didn’t want this to harm my newborn’s health. And then I came to know about these mats when I was browsing Amazon.


Maintaining hygiene with newborns is always a big concern for every new mom. We all are concerned that the baby shouldn’t get sick or contract any dangerous infections. This concern of mine was solved when I found Teddy Changing Mats. My life became so much easier and hassle-free when it came to changing nappies or breastfeeding my baby. As new mothers, we already have so much to do for babies and in such cases who would want to do extra laundry? These mats, which are also disposable, proved to be so convenient.

And when we traveled with Veer for the first time, changing diapers was so easy even when we had to do it in the car. During his afternoon naps, I never put him in a diaper, rather I used these sheets so there was no concern of the bed getting wet. Both my baby and mattress would remain dry in spite of the pee thanks to the unique gel lock technology, which would lock in the liquid in gel form and the crisscross design which would prevent further spilling.

Apart from using it only during his sleep time, I used it during his massage time as it helped me keep my bed free from the oil stains and thus, clean and hygienic.


Some of the features of Teddy changing mats, which make it such a great convenience are:-

  • Soft Spongy Material

To keep your baby dry and comfortable, making sure it sleeps for long hours without any disturbance in the nap time.

  • Criss-Cross Design And Waterproof Backsheet

Prevents leakages and spills, making it virtually spill-proof. In case, the diaper leaks or the baby is not wearing a diaper, the pee will not soil the mattress as it would be held in by the waterproof back sheet.

  • Anti-bacterial Cover

Protects your baby from germs and infection that can be caused by sleeping in the wet cloth. The material makes the baby feel dry.

  • Super Absorbent Core

It holds in fluid, while the waterproof back keeps your mattress and linen dry.

All these amazing features make this mat a perfect must-have product in any diaper bag. It’s also very hygienic and pocket-friendly. You can grab your pack from Amazon.

Teddy changing mats have been used by me for many purposes, whether for changing diapers on the go, or adding a layer of protection in the pram or using it as an extra protective layer when Veer is either in the cradle or bed. Even during massages to keep the bed surface clean.

I am very happy with these mats and would so all the moms-to-be and new moms to buy this. Be assured, this would be a great help to you.

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