As parents we always want our child to be well mannered in public. But then it’s our responsibility to get this in their mind. Some parents try to correct their child for not being wild in a very rude way. They shout and yell at them to behave properly.
But do you realise what your child is learning from this instead of making them understand something we yell at them, and that creates a very negative impact in their mind..
Then parents having arguments on top of their voice creates a very negative environment for the child, no doubt every couple fights but make sure to control yourself if you want to build self discipline in your child.
5 ways to teach self discipline :-

1. Teach self discipline at early stage for your child to recognise self control and self discipline. Like make them clean up their toys after they are done playing.

2. Always have a schedule for them to understand their daily task and a proper routine so they know what to do and when to do. Routine and schedule goes hand in hand when it comes to self discipline.

3. Rectifying your child mistake in a polite manner so that the answer you get from them is not in anger or negative. This will help them create a self control.

4. Rewarding is the best way to bring discipline in them. So that will keep your routine and scheduling on track. A little act of kindness for their good work will make them be a disciplined child.

5. You need to be a role model for your child as they learn from us so self control is what we should have in ourselves. If we are acting in a positive manner that’s what our child would learn from us, as they follow our footsteps.
So follow these simple steps to get the discipline in them however that’s a very challenging job. But these qualities can make them a good child with self discipline.

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