Social Media sometimes effects your parenting how many of you believe this? Many a times I felt guilty about it that managing time between work and baby is sometime very difficult and that’s when I use to switch on the TV for Veer just to get my work done and those days especially when Veer use to be too clingy to me, he wanted me to play with him. And to ignore that situation TV was the solution and later I realised I should not have done what I just did, he needs me. Today what I am its because of him. So I can’t ignore him just to get my work done.

That’s when I figured out how time management is important in this digital era. Balancing is the biggest art.

Here are some tips of time management for bloggers :-

1. Make a to-do list.
When you have all the list of work you need to get done the same day life becomes easier and you can mark a tick as to what is done and what is yet to do and there is no hotchpotch at the last moment in terms of you forgetting to do that.

2. Stop multi-tasking
Specifically when you are a blogger and work from home is going to be all day. In this case multi-tasking is not a good option as focused attention to work is important. Like playing with your son and putting up a blog post on your feed.

3. Stay away from your phone.
Checking your social media just for time pass is a huge time waste. A little break can be hours of time surfing through the Internet.

4. Establish work hours
Keep fixed hours to invest in your blogging may be the afternoon when your little one is off to sleep or that time when its his screen time and night when the baby is off to sleep. Best time to check your email to respond without any
hinderence or getting on with the deal.

5. Stop being Perfect
When you try to be a perfect mom which is not possible firstly you try to stretch your self too much and end up messing more. So go with the flow.

Believe me you all can achieve it all you have to do is implement these smart rules in your daily routine and there goes the magic of time management.

Do “Save The Post” and “Comment” your views about my thought.


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