Malaysian Palm Oil Council

It was a great interactive session with Hon’ble Minister TERESA KOK SUH SIM – Courtesy, Malaysian Palm Oil Council at @tajlandend
There were so many doubts about palm oil that was clarified by the panel members.
Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundaram – CEO MPOC
Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai – Mr Zainal Azlan Mohd Nadzir
Dato’Lee Yeow Chor – Chairman of MPOC
Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir – Deputy DG Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Dr Bhavna Shah – Country Representative India and Srilanka – MPOC
A knowledge sharing of how palm oil has good resistance to oxidation and heat at prolonged elevated temperatures; hence, making palm oil an ideal ingredient in frying oil blends.
The red palm oil has a special refining method that retains the pro-vitamin A carotenoids. Has vitamin E tocoyrienols.
Malaysian palm oil is free of trans fat and cholesterol. Non GMO. Benefits of Palm Tocotrienols in Health and Disease Management. Plam tocotrienols protect neurons not only via its antioxidative properties but also via anti-inflammatory action.

Some of the highlights are:-

1. Tocotrienols for Hair Health.
Studies show inducement of hair growth.

2. Tocotrienols for Neuro Health.
Palm tocotrienols isoforms helps to reduce NO production by microglia.
3. Tocotrienols for Heart Health
Aids plasma cholesterol reduction in humans.
Helps to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic lesions.

4.Tocotrienols for Peptic Ulcer Therapy

Reduces oxidative stress that contributes to formation of gastric lesions. Tocotrienols protects against gastric ulcers disease.

5.Tocotrienols for Bone Health

Palm tocotrienols demonstrate protective effects against osteoporosis. Improves bone volume and thickness and reduces bone porosity.
They have endless benefits to it. So I highly recommend to switch over to Malaysian Pslm Oil.

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