Whether Boy or Girl

Lately I have been reading this or hearing from many that they feel lucky to be a mother or father of a daughter.
And you ask any one who is pregnant what do you want they say a girl. And just in case if anyone says they want a boy, you’re judged. What is wrong in expecting a boy. And are mothers who deliver a boy are not lucky thats what you mean by saying lucky are those who have a daughter. Just give it a thought mommies.
Look at the fear you have created in women’s mind. I know of someone who is pregnant and almost nearing her delivery and had a conversation with her. Asked her what was she expecting she said girl. And then started asking me my symptoms. I got a hint of what was it. I told her then you know what I wanted a boy and her reply to that was actually even I want a boy. See the amount of fear we fill in the mind. A public fear of saying I want a boy. However, from the first day of my pregnancy if I was asked what was my want I always said a Boy however my husband wanted a Girl. So that can be given a second try. However, jokes apart.
Being a mother is the most beautiful and precious thing. A women feels complete after being a mother. Whether you deliver a boy or girl the pain of raising both of them is almost same.
Infact, I think raising a boy is more difficult because we are raising a husband and father of tomorrow. Raising a boy right is very important. So why such thoughts that parents of daughter are lucky. Being a mother itself is you are lucky.
A mother shares the most strongest bond with her child.
Have you seen the struggle of people who can’t conceive or go through so many treatments just to see that little life growing them. All they want is to be a mother.
Everyday is a battle just to hear those little heartbeat but again and again they fail. I have seen those painful thoughts written beautifully by a lady when the embryos can’t survive anymore. Months after months her hope of conceiving. That breaks you to the core.
▪️Infertility feels out of control.
▪️Infertility feels like everyone around is getting pregnant.
▪️Infertility feels hopeless.
▪️Infertility feels like no one understands what you are going through.
▪️Infertility feels you are broken and lonely.
▪️Infertility feels life is only unfair to you.
▪️Infertility feels to stay away from the world.
▪️Infertility feels everyone around you would ask when are you planning for a baby.
So ain’t we lucky that God has given us this beautiful gift of being a mother to beautiful healthy baby whether its a boy or girl..
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  1. Very few speak their mind when asked do u want a boy or girl ? I feeel lets not ask only. She is pregnant and would b delivering soon. We would get to know:
    And yes we have our own daughter or son then we are lucky !


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