Beyond the Darkness

Gia a small girl of 10 years lived in New Jersey with her parent and maternal uncle. That pretty little girl was always very shy and frightened of something. The teachers in her school reported this to her mother most of the days. But Liana was very casual towards the complaint thinking she is reserved and it takes time for her to get along. Her school bus dropped her at the day care every day at 3 PM. After 2 hours her uncle would pick her on his way back from work.

Her parents would come home around 7 PM. This little girl was very close to her father, but Ron never noticed her drastic behavioural change, thinking its her growing stage. Liana never conveyed the complaint about Gia to her father. They were young parents of late twenties. Ron was very handsome tall with golden hair and spike which suited his oval face and those grey eyes, Gia was her father’s copy except for those eyes, this feature was from her mother twinkling brown eyes. Liana always got compliments that she never looked a mother of a baby girl who is 10 years. She was gym fanatic and very concerned about her look and beauty. Liana’s attention towards her girl was minimal. The poor little girl would never complain about this but her best friend Raina knew about this. She was a young girl of 15 years old. Her entire childhood was just the same nothing changed, no one cared.

One day it was so terrible that she gritted her jaw to control the pain she went through. Pushing her head to her knees she was crying loud, but there was no one hear her. Her hands were trembling thinking of how many she was pondered on the bed, stinky floor and that moving bus. She never liked her parents anymore, anything they would say was as good as those terrible pain. She decides to finally end up her life, and there was someone at her bedroom door knocking. She wiped her tears and opens the door and it was Riana. Gia hugged her tight and conveyed that Riana was the only person whom she loved and cared about. Riana insists Gia to come over at her place for a night out, but Gia was not keen to go, she didn’t want to see the sunlight again that pain. Gia decides to open up herself to Riana, what all she went through all these years and how her parents never cared for her. Riana suggests Gia to talk to her mother or if she wants may be Riana mother. Gia uses swear words for her mother, that being a girl, she never understood what her daughter went through, she was a self-obsessed Bitch!

Cathy was a caring mother and very possessive about Riana, as she was a single mother. When Gia told what she had been through all these years, there was tear in her eyes. Cathy hugged her tight and Gia couldn’t control herself and busted out with tears. Cathy was a very caring person so she decides to talk to both her parents about the matter. But Liana never had time to meet her as well, Gia was heartbroken. Ron meets Cathy in a coffee shop, both Gia and Riana too were present. Cathy narrated everything and Ron was ashamed of what kind of father was he, who never understood her very own daughter. Ron was shocked to hear the complaints teacher did about Gia, Liana never told him. Gia’s father was sorry; however, he did know that sorry couldn’t bring back her innocent childhood. Hugging her tight Ron said that she will get justice to what she went through, but Gia was a soulless zombie.

The same night Ron promised her that things will change from now. Liana came home and sat on the sofa, releasing a deep breath of tiredness. Ron looked very angry, Liana asked him, “Are you fine sweetheart?” Listening to these words Gia’s heart scattered into pieces, never did Liana asked something like this to her daughter. Ron out of rage and anger slapped her tight, and there she was down and with aggression she gets up. Before she could utter anything, Ron asked her, why didn’t she ever informed him about the complaints she received about Gia in school? Why did she never cared for what her daughter was going through, there are few things which a mother and daughter could share. Liana pounced back on Ron saying that even he could have noticed if there was anything wrong. Gia’s eyes were all filled with tears, rolling down her pink cheeks and her runny nose and those red lips were severing. Ron told Liana to shut her mouth and listen to what he had to tell her. He asked the first question as to did Liana know what time her school ends and what time she should reach the day care? Liana said it was 9 AM to 1 PM, by 2 PM at her day care. Ron’s mind was on fire, with his voice raised Ron said, “But did you know she reached at 3 PM”. Liana was all quiet, as till now she was portraying that how much she cared about Gia.

With tears in Ron’s eyes and a husky voice he said, “She was been molested every day by the school bus driver and conductor”. Liana was shocked to hear that and pleads for a forgiveness from her daughter. This is not the end Liana there is more to your carelessness, Ron exclaimed! Luke, your brother did know all this and got the matter sorted with the school. Gia started to trust him, and after 15 days he started the same obscene behaviour with her every day till date. Now Liana was scared of something and looked at Gia with the corner of her eyes, if Gia would say anything on this matter Ron would kill her right away and gave Ron a blank look. There Gia opened up with shrill voice, “Ms Liana Brown did know about this”. She paused….

Ron was stunned by her daughters’ words. He was exasperated and smacked her, Gia never stopped her father and continued what happened, Liana had seen this once when she was back home early and she did have arguments with Luke, which was very casual and never did she ask Gia about was she fine as she was ashamed for her brothers’ attitude towards her daughter. She had just told Gia not to discuss the matter with her father. So, for few days these things stopped, but Liana had a typical style of knocking on the doorbell. It was a press and a pause then again, a press on the bell. Whenever she came early and the door never open for 15 minutes, she waited outside without taking any action and Luke pressed her mouth tight with a cloth so that Gia couldn’t shout and let the neighbours know or call on for help when Liana was on door. Luke’s courage increased, as Liana never took a stand for her daughter.

Hearing to all this from her daughter he broke down and, on his knees, and head down he was crying. God and Gia would never forgive him, for being so careless about her, he uttered. Ron made police complain about Luke and school. With a sigh of relief Gia went to her room, In the cold silence of the night Gia wrote a letter to both her parents, about her painful childhood, and how nothing could ever change now, she was destroyed by body, broken by heart and impure by soul. Could they show her the love that they should have shown her then, when she needed it the most? If they would have cared for her, then uncle Luke couldn’t have done that disgustful act beyond the darkness. She was only thankful to Cathy Aunty and Riana. She narrated all the she had bottled up all these years. She did know, the pain was over but she was ashamed of herself. Now she wanted to escape from the girl she wanted to be, and see a new world. She chooses heaven over hell and her parent heard two gunshots. The life she swore to never live again. Her parents rushed to her room and they saw two bullets went through her head and Gia left them forever.

There from her casket Gia saw her family, Cathy Aunty and Riana all dressed in black and she could feel her father’s bruises were deep, she saw that last letter from her was in his hand. In the corner of her heart, she still had that special felling for her father, which was covered in snow for few years. Ron makes sure that Gia gets justice, or else he would not be able to forgive himself. Both her uncle and mother were behind the bars. With a heavy heart and grief Ron lit a candle every day for her peace.

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