Is it fine to appreciate yourself?

Absolutely yes, appreciating your own self means self a love, self motivation and self confidence. Waiting for recognition can sometimes be depressing or may be expecting too much from others can make you feel low. If you don’t value yourself and don’t appreciate your worth you may have no value.
3 mantra’s to appreciate yourself

💁‍♀️Avoid comparison
This is fore most important you should never compare yourself to others everyone is unique in their own way. Comparing can make you feel low and especially is you compare their reel life of Instagram will make you disappointed or even make you judgemental about them.
💁‍♀️ Stay True to Yourself
It is very important to know who you are to appreciate yourself. Be true to yourself and dont fake positivity. At times you may feel that others may not like the real you and you are faking your lifestyle which may lead to depression. So I feel better dont show your life too much on Social Media rather than faking it.
💁‍♀️Appreciate your skills and work on your weakness
It is very easy to appreciate your strength like your skill, personality traits and generosity. Like in my case I’m very extrovert so for me talking to new face has never been a problem. I have little wierd weakness and that is I don’t like ass licking never I could do this in my corporate world nor in this blogging world so I am fine with it. So to make my weakness reframe to positivity I am good to people who are either bad or cunning to me. So, being mindful helps me stay happy and out of judgement for others.
So what are your views on self appreciation? And don’t forget to wish me tomorrow on 11th July

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