A visit to Bisleri’s Iconic Mumbai Plant – My experience and key learnings

Visiting the BisleriMumbai plant was an awesome experience as it’s the oldest and the most trusted brand when it comes to mineral water. I have always had immense trust in Bisleri when I had to buy a packed bottle of water for my little one, especially whenever we were travelling.
So when I got the chance to visit the Mumbai plant, I was on cloud 9! I could gather so much of information from there which I could pass on to my fellow moms who’ve had so many queries regarding mineral water. I would love to share some of the knowledge I
could gather from this fruitful visit.

Bisleri water is checked
to ensure the absence of harmful chemicals and microbes by qualified staff in the plant’s lab, before it reaches the consumer. However, the water from domestic purifiers is not tested for such parameters.

It was great to see the
water going through a 10-step purification process. Two steps of ozonisation are carried out to disinfect water. The water’s shelf life is increased to last for 6 months. There are 114 quality tests done to monitor and control the presence of micro-organisms
and measure the concentration of ozone in water. In addition to all this, Bisleri bottles are fully recyclable.

Some of the experiences
were incredible, like watching the making of the bottle using highly modernized equipment. Bisleri bottles are only blown on site to avoid any external contamination. The bottle is made using a preform that is fed into the mould, blown, and stretched to its
size at 100 degrees Celsius. Blowing at such a high temperature ensures that any harmful bacteria, if at all present, is killed. Bisleri has also established a unique and highly reliable double ozonisation process. Ozone is at least 50 times more powerful
and 3000 times faster than chlorination when it comes to killing bacteria and other microbes. Ozone is added to the water again to sustain the purity & quality of water. There is an RO process which removes unwanted salts from the water; however, this step
also eliminates essential minerals that are good for health. Therefore, a very critical step is taken wherein the right amount of vital minerals such as potassium and magnesium are added, making the water healthy and giving it a sweet taste
that even the smallest micron-particles (up to 0.45 microns in size) are removed from the water.

Let me also tell you
about some of the benefits of ozonisation:

Strengthens your
immune system.

Kills bacteria
and viruses on contact.

Increases the
oxygen levels of cells in the human body.

Detoxifies the
human body.

Has anti-ageing
properties and increases energy.

Reduces acidity.

Watching the labelling
procedure was also a good experience as this was my first time being on a factory visit. Every bottle has a code printed stating the batch number, date, time, and manufacturing location. Stringent quality control checks are done for each and every batch so
that Bisleri’s quality standards are met.

Here are the 10 steps
of the quality process:

1. Careful Collection

Collected water from
rivers undergoes a quality control check at the source.

2. Ozonisation

Ozonisation is done to
kill harmful bacteria.

3. Sand Filter

Unwanted solid particles
of up to 30 microns in size are filtered.

4. Carbon Filter

This step helps to get
rid of unwanted colour, odour, and harmful pesticides, if any, to ensure that quality standards are met.

5. Reverse Osmosis

Water then goes through
Reverse Osmosis, commonly known as RO, a purification technology that removes soluble solids from water. However, the challenge is that while it does remove unwanted particles from the water, it also eliminates minerals in the process.

6. Mineralisation

Magnesium, an essential
mineral to maintain bone health and heart health, is added to the water.

7. Micron-Filtration

Micron-filtration is
the second last stage of water purification.

8. Re-Ozonisation

Drinking ozonated water
is known to increase oxygen levels in the body, thus, helping to improve energy levels and boosting the immune system.

9. Careful Bottling

Bottles go through ozonisation
again, to ensure that highest safety standards are met.

10. Final Quality Control

Every batch of bottles
is checked so that Bisleri’s quality standards are met.

I was lucky enough to
take my son to see this process. He was quite excited. All the mothers that visited the plant along with their kids also had an awesome time;the kids had some fun sessions in the crèche or lounge area where they coloured, watched TV, and were gifted a cute
camel soft toy and a puzzle.

I’m quite happy with
Bisleri. Now, you too can get the guarantee of purity in every drop with Bisleri Mineral Water origina lbottled water . Because,

har maa janti
! I am assured now that Bisleri is the right choice for Veer.

For more details on Bisleri
water and to book a visit to the plant visit their website

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